Spring Tree park closed 11/2-11/5 for tree removal

Wildwood Park, which is the park in the middle of Spring Tree, is scheduled for some major work which will start Saturday, November 2nd. Because of this work, the park will be closed. This closure is for your safety and the safety of our employees and contractors who will be working in the park.

The project involves the removal of two large trees in the playground area. The large Douglas fir that sits in the middle of the playground by the slide is prone to losing branches which get caught up in the tree creating “widow makers” which can fall without warning causing severe injury to people and damage to equipment. The second tree which will be removed is the large big leaf maple by the swings. The big leaf maple is showing advanced stages of rot in the middle of the trunk and in the canopy creating a danger to our play equipment and the properties near it. Both trees have been inspected by our arborist who has determined that the risk posed by these trees to people and property is unacceptable so the trees must be removed.

Tree removal begins on Saturday, 11/2, and will continue on Monday and Tuesday. Once tree removal is complete, we will repair the concrete path at the top of the park between the two playgrounds.

Both of these projects require heavy equipment. The tree work involves dropping heavy objects from heights. Our workers must wear ear protection and as such they will not hear any pedestrian traffic which makes this a very dangerous situation for residents who wander into the park. We will mark all trails to this park as closed for the duration of the project. Please observe these signs and stay away from the park while these crews work.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep our parks safe and beautiful for all our residents.