Board of Directors

The Mill Creek Community Association Board of Directors is made up of seven members, elected by MCCA owners for staggered two-year terms. The board meets on the third Wednesday of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in the board room at the MCCA offices. The first 15 minutes of each meeting are reserved for resident comment, limited to three minutes per person. Residents may then leave or stay and observe the remainder of the meeting. All meetings are open to MCCA residents to observe.

Board meeting minutes

Board room reservation request

Sid Siegel, President


Since nudging the kids out of the nest in 2015, Sid and his wife Kim have been residents in the Belvedere Place neighborhood. Sid’s career in technology started as a software developer and eventually wrapped up as the enterprise architect for a large actuarial firm. Sid is a very active volunteer serving in several board positions in local and district Rotary organizations as well as the president for his community HOA. Sid’s commitment to giving back to his community through volunteer work is founded by his belief that if we can all give a little bit, we all benefit tremendously.

Angela Darby, Vice President


Angela is a native Washingtonian and has lived in Mill Creek for 32 years. Angela and her husband, Walt, have one grown son who lives locally. They enjoy gardening, camping, sporting events, and spending time with family and friends. Angela has over 30 years of experience in the technology industry and also served as president of the Fairwood Greens Community Association. She has worked with her board to build a sense of community within Fairwood Greens by sponsoring special events. Angela looks forward to working with fellow board members and the residents of MCCA to continue strengthening our community.

Kristi Zevenbergen, Treasurer


Kristi has lived in the MCCA since 1991. She originally live in Huckleberry and moved to Evergreen in 2013. Kristi has been an active member of the Architectural Control Committee for over 6 years. In her spare time Kristi enjoys creating jewelry. Kristi has 38 years of experience working as a Public Accountant and currently works preparing tax returns. Kristi thoroughly enjoys volunteering with MCCA and intends to continue her involvement in some way – whether it be as a board member, volunteer file clerk, committee member, or weed puller, for many years to come.

Becky Edy, Secretary


Becky first moved to Mill Creek in 1986. Mill Creek is the perfect place to raise children with great schools, wonderful neighbors, walking paths, and Seattle nearby for cultural events. In 2012, she retired after 40 years of teaching and now enjoys connecting with friends, participating in book clubs, and volunteering for the MCCA. She started first with filing applications and then volunteering with the Architectural Control Committee where she recently served as Chair. Becky looks forward to supporting the continued efforts of the Association.

Earl Bardin, Director

2023 - present

In 1984, Earl and his wife, Barbara, moved to Mill Creek and lived in both the Sunrose and Evergreen divisions. Earl appreciates the freedom and safety his family has experienced within MCCA and values our parks and trails. As a retired physician, Earl wants to invest his time in MCCA to ensure that others can enjoy the stable, evolving, and continually improving neighborhood he and his family have treasured for many years. With three years of service on the ACC and Covenant Committees, Earl hopes to be a thoughtful, informed, and energetic addition to the MCCA board.

Jill Cheeseman, Director

2023 - present

Jill has lived in Vine Maple since 1995. She was self-employed as a Registered Professional Reporter and Certified Court Reporter for just shy of 40 years when her love of hiking, backpacking, and snowshoeing the PNW mountains overcame her passion for work! Before retiring and since, Jill has volunteered with the Mountaineers, ad Trails Association, Green Everett Partnership, and began the MCCA Noxious Weed Committee in January 2018. Jill appreciates the beauty of MCCA with its tree-lined streets and common areas. She looks forward to working with the MCCA board to maintain the beauty of our association.

Evert Pretorius, Director


Evert and his family have called Sweetwater Ranch home since 2002. A career in the financial services industry spanning 40 years led to a life of travel all over the globe. To Evert, nothing compares to his home in Mill Creek Community Association, and this is where he has put down roots. Evert is passionate about the fact that as a community we have to work together to protect our beautiful Nature Preserves, wildlife, and natural resources. In this regard, he has served as an MCCA Trail Ambassador for the last 3 years. Evert looks forward to expanding his service to the community by joining the MCCA Board of Directors.