Our MCCA Committees are an all-volunteer workforce: dedicated residents within our association who help us maintain the aesthetic of our community through covenant enforcement and asset inspection.

All committees report to and advise the MCCA Association Director and the Board of Directors on their various issues and projects. Committee chairpersons or their designees communicate and coordinate with the association director on routine matters, and with the board of directors at monthly meetings. Regular communication goes through the MCCA office, and archives are kept there as well.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about each of our standing committees.

The MCCA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) reviews and approves all applications for visible property changes and enhancements in advance of project initiation. Their job is to help you plan a project that will meet the high aesthetic standards of MCCA and avoid costly reparation for any unapproved projects. ACC approval is required for nearly all exterior projects. Contacting the ACC is a crucial part of the project planning process for all MCCA residents — whether owner or renter. Please refer to the ACC Committee Charter for more information about this committee.

Please note: While many applications are approved within two weeks, the process can take up to one month. Please plan accordingly.

Contact the MCCA office about any exterior project to confirm application requirements. All application forms can be found online for your convenience.

Primary Duties
  • Reviews and approves applications for all exterior home maintenance and improvement projects, including, but not limited to:
    • all exterior paint (body, trim, doors, outbuildings)  and siding
    • roofing
    • window and door replacement
    • landscaping, including driveways and retaining walls
    • fencing (new and replacement) 
    • home additions
    • patio or deck replacement
    • shed or storage building
    • air conditioning or heat pump unit installation 
    • installations such as sports courts, tree houses, play structures, trampolines
  • Reviews and approves applications for tree maintenance and removal; ensures compliance with replanting requirements; organizes MCCA arborist days
  • Consults regarding new housing starts
  • Routinely reviews and amends architectural guidelines for MCCA project permitting, making recommendations to the board as required.

The MCCA Covenant Committee enforces the legal covenants that oblige all MCCA residents — whether owner or renter — to maintain our high community standards. The efforts of this committee promote the beauty of MCCA, preserving and enhancing its ambience and property values. Please refer to the Covenant Committee Charter for more information.

Primary duties include enforcing covenants related, but not limited, to:

  • landscaping and yard maintenance
  • fencing
  • driveways
  • cordwood
  • visible waste containers
  • antennas and satellite dishes
  • heat pump or A/C sites
  • holiday lights
  • swimming pools
  • installations such as tree houses, play structures (including trampolines), sport courts, storage sheds
  • exterior painting
  • home-based businesses
  • unapproved projects
  • other issues as required

Potential infractions are brought to the committee’s attention via confidential resident complaints and regular committee inspections. When the committee receives a complaint, members review possible violations, coordinate with the MCCA office to send letters or other communication regarding the violation, and work to resolve the complaint in a reasonable manner.

The MCCA Social Committee organizes several fun events during the year for the enjoyment of MCCA members and their families. Details for each event are sent out in our community email. Highlights of the year include:

Easter Egg Hunt: Usually on the Saturday before Easter.

Santa Breakfast: Reservations are required; watch the MillStream newsletter and community email for details.

Elf Awards holiday lighting contest: In mid-December, a home in each division receives the “Elf Award”. Watch MCCA community email for the contest date and a list of winners after the event.

The Hospitality Committee welcomes new MCCA residents with baskets full of goodies and important information about living in our association and our city, including a listing of amenities provided by MCCA, our governance documents, and information on other local organizations such as the Mill Creek Country Club, West Coast Aquatics Swim Club, and other social clubs.

The MCCA Inspection & Engineering Committee’s mission is to advise and assist the association director and the board of directors on matters that protect the value and desirability of the MCCA-owned properties; preserving MCCA common areas and facilities (shown in green on our trail map). 

The scope of this Committee’s responsibility includes:

  • All common areas
  • Nature preserve including features such as signs, trails, bridges
  • Pocket parks and play areas
  • MCCA trails/sidewalks/paths

Please refer to the Inspection & Engineering Committee Charter for more information.

The Committee’s focus is on annual inspection of association infrastructure and assets. These annual inspections, with amendments throughout the year, are submitted to the Association Director who works with the Maintenance Department to prioritize and schedule projects.

We are always looking for volunteers and would love to hear from you. If you are interested in working with our committee, please contact the MCCA office.

The MCCA Noxious Weed Committee (NWC) identifies and works to remove invasive plant species found within the MCCA common areas per our committee charter. The Snohomish County Noxious Weed Control Board provides assistance when requested.

Targeted for their negative impact on our native ecosystem, the NWC focuses on the following invasive species for removal:

  • English ivy threatening trees or native shrubs
  • English holly trees
  • non-native blackberries
  • poison hemlock
  • yellow flag iris
  • nightshade

Additionally, the NWC

  • Educates residents on identifying and controlling invasive species
  • Hosts “Free the Trees” work parties and common area cleanups
  • Contributes related articles for the MillStream newsletter

We are always looking for volunteers to help with removal efforts as your schedule allows. Email us to be added to our mailing list.

The MCCA Trail Ambassador committee works to keep our many trails and parks safe for our residents. The members of this committee are required to pass a background check. They travel their route on foot or bike and are always available for questions or to provide assistance. Their goal is to observe and report any dangerous or suspicious activities to the proper authorities. Please refer to the Trail Ambassador Committee Charter for more information.