Living in the Mill Creek Community Association has its benefits; we are a highly desirable community with excellent property values and a lovely atmosphere. MCCA residents — whether owners or renters — have a contractual obligation to maintain our community’s appearance. For more detailed information on our covenants, please go to the Resident Resources page to view our Governing Documents.

Nearly every visible improvement or modification to your property or home exterior requires an application to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). For your convenience, these forms are available here or through your PayHOA account. Forms may be submitted electronically or in hard-copy to the MCCA office. Many of these projects also require a City of Mill Creek permit; please visit the City of Mill Creek website for more information.

If in doubt, contact the MCCA office before you start work! A short email or phone call could save you a costly project re-do later.

ACC Related Forms

Exterior Additions and Improvements MS Word.docx or PDF
For installing, replacing, or altering:

  • sport courts
  • swimming pools
  • antennas or satellite dishes
  • awnings
  • driveway replacement
  • play structures or trampolines

  • dog runs
  • trellises, arbors, and gazebos
  • building additions
  • any other project that changes the exterior of your property and/or home.

Exterior Window/Door Replacement
MS Word.docx or PDF

MS Word.docx or PDF

Determine your property line using Residential Plat Maps

Exterior Paint
MS Word.docx or PDF

MS Word.docx or PDF

Paving Application
MS Word.docx or PDF

Shed/Storage Building 
MS Word.docx or PDF

Exterior Siding
MS Word.docx or PDF

MS Word.docx or PDF

Tree Removal/Trimming
MS Word.docx or PDF

Patio, Deck, AC/Heat Pump Unit, Hot Tub
MS Word.docx or PDF

MS Word.docx or PDF

Arborist Day

Other MCCA Forms

Board Room Request Form
Be sure to read the Board Room Usage Policy
Online Form

Covenant Enforcement Request
MS Word.docx or PDF

Estate Sale Policy and Application PDF

Golf Cart Registration Form PDF

Home-Based Business Application PDF

Rental/Tenant Information Form PDF

Security Check Request PDF

Locking Mailbox Orders and Installation

Volunteer Interest Form

MCCA Sub-Association Forms

Sub-Association Exterior Paint Application & Guidelines

Sub-Association Provider List

City of Mill Creek Permits