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To preserve the atmosphere of our community, MCCA has covenants regarding the placement of real estate signage on properties for sale, as well as the signage, commonly known as “A boards”, used to advertise property open house events.

In summary:

On a property for sale or rent, there may be one sign, not exceeding 18” x 24” advertising the property for sale or rent by the Owner or their Agent.

Open House “A board” signs:

  • Are only permitted during the hours when the event sponsor will be in attendance, and only during daylight hours.
  • May only indicate name, address, and phone number of the sign owner, directional indicator (e.g. arrow) and purpose of the sign, such as “Open House”.
  • May not exceed 24” x 24” in size.
  • May only be placed at turning points (intersections) within MCCA, and only one per location
  • May not have attached balloons, banners, or other “eye-catchers.”
  • Are subject to a renewable City of Mill Creek annual permit.

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