MCCA Elections Results

The ballots have been counted. Your MCCA Board is:

President – Terry Gemmill

Vice President – Jay Hiester

Treasurer – Kristi Zevenbergen

Secretary – Judy Cromwell

Director – Steve Anderson

Director – Jamie Teschlog

Director – Ron Smullin

While approved by over 80% of those who voted, the proposed Rental Restrictions did not get enough votes to pass.

The complete details of the election results are posted here. You can also find them in PayHOA in Documents – MCCA Elections 2020 – Elections Results.

We are working on the Q&A portion of the meeting and will post those results on Friday. Please check back!

Locking Mailboxes

Due to the rise in mail theft over the past years, MCCA recommends that all residents replace the standard black mailbox with a locking mailbox.

Mail Boss 7106

The MCCA-approved locking mailbox is the Mail Boss 7106 in black. You can purchase your locking mailbox online at Amazon. When you receive your mailbox, please contact the MCCA office and we can schedule our maintenance department to help you with installation. MCCA maintenance will only install the MCCA approved mailbox.

NOTE: None of our kiosk mailboxes, locking or standard, are secure for outgoing mail. To further protect from identity theft and fraud, we suggest that you place outgoing mail in a locked USPS collection box for pick up. You can search the USPS website for the location of nearby collection boxes.