May 6 Garage Sale

MCCA Garage Sale Day is Saturday, May 6. Generally, residents open their sales around 8 am and close in the late afternoon. Residents who participate are responsible for putting up and removing their own signs and holding the sale in their driveway.

Unsold items can be donated to the following charities; please visit their websites to learn about their donation guidelines.

2023 Budget Vote Results

As stated in our Budget Newsletter and at the budget meeting, our Governing Documents (MCCA Bylaws, Article X section 10.2(a)) and state statute RCW 64.90.525 (section 1(a)) provide the following rule for budget ratification:

“Unless at that (budget) meeting the unit owners of units to which a majority of the votes in the association are allocated or any larger percentage specified in the declaration reject the budget, the budget and the assessments against the units included in the budget are ratified, whether or not a quorum is present.”

The MCCA has 3638 units weighted according to assessment level, as indicated in the table below. After the ballots are weighted according to assessment levels, MCCA has a total voting power of 2683.75. This means a majority vote to reject the budget must be more than 50% of the total voting power, which is 1342 votes.

Unit TypeAssessment / Vote WeightTotal UnitsTotal Weighted UnitsWeighted YesWeighted No
Total 36382683.75472.25532.25
Budget Vote Details

The No votes did not achieve the required threshold of 1342 votes, so the MCCA membership ratified the budget according to our Governing Documents and state statutes.

The Board has noted that although 86% of the single-family homes, townhomes, and condo votes favored the budget, we had three apartment complex owners vote against the budget. The Board will work to see how we can serve the needs of our apartment owners and the rest of our Association.

MCCA Tree Work

If you travel along Village Green Drive, you will notice that MCCA has a large tree removal project underway near our Fairway division. This project will begin April 10 and the cutting portion will last about a week. We are doing this work to mitigate a laminated root rot issue (LRR) in this area. Please read the articles we have printed in the February and April MillStream for more information. You can find both those newsletters on the MillStream page of our website, or you can read just the LRR articles here.

Locking Mailboxes

Due to the rise in mail theft over the past years, MCCA recommends that all residents replace the standard black mailbox with a locking mailbox.

Mail Boss 7106
Mail Boss 7106

The MCCA-approved locking mailboxes are the Mail Boss 7106 in black or the Oasis Tribolt XL in black. You can purchase your locking mailbox online at Amazon. When you receive your mailbox, please contact the MCCA office and we can schedule our maintenance department to help you with installation. MCCA maintenance will only install the MCCA approved mailboxes.

NOTE: None of our kiosk mailboxes, locking or standard, are secure for outgoing mail. To further protect from identity theft and fraud, we suggest that you place outgoing mail in a locked USPS collection box for pick up. You can search the USPS website for the location of nearby collection boxes.

Oasis Tribolt XL